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Testing center GLOBALTEST within IC GLOBALTEST Ltd was founded in 2000 and is 100% private company. Main activities are laboratory tests and measurements, development and validation of methods of analysis, quality control of medical products and batch release, development, evaluations and expertise on the basis of the above.

Фирма, търговско дружество / Company name and form„ИЦ ГЛОБАЛТЕСТ“ ООД„IC GLOBALTEST” Ltd
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Седалище и адрес на управление / Headquartersгр.София 1618, район Овча купел, кв.Овча купел-1, ул.Крушовски Връх №3131 Krushovski vrah str, Ovcha kupel-1 district, Ovcha kupel municipality, 1618 Sofia, Republic of Bulgaria
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Testing center GLOBALTEST


The Center is located in a new, modernly equipped building and has two main chemical laboratories, two independent microbiological, physicochemical, physico-mechanical, DNA and sensory analysis laboratories, covering a total area of 550 sq.m. Several assistive laboratories are foreseen, incl. Room for decontamination of waste samples, room for accelerated aging of samples of medicines, hygienic premises.

Scope of analysis:

More than 15 years of experience in the field of chemical and microbiological testing, highly qualified personnel, equipped premises and modern analytical equipment enable us to perform tests in various fields: testing of medicinal products for human and veterinary medicine, food, water, soils, wastes, packaging in contact with food products, packaging materials, cosmetics, animal feeds, swabs and carcasses, toys, paints, varnishes and plasters, lighters, etc., including sampling.


The team of specialists working in the Testing Center has been carefully selected with the necessary knowledge and experience, which is the primary factor for the excellent results in the laboratory practice. All employees are appointed under a contract of employment and have signed a declaration of protection of production and trade secrets. They are selected after an assessment of strict criteria, the most important of which are: education and training, experience in this field, intelligence, initiative, advanced computer literacy, teamwork skills, and fluency in a foreign language. The Lab management has provided the opportunity for continuous further training and qualification of specialists, participation in seminars, as well as active participation in the development of scientific projects, together with the higher education universities.

Methods of analysis:

The center has a rich base (over 2500 documents) of normative documents – BDS, EN, ISO, ENV, ASTM, DIN, GOST and others. All tests at the Center are performed on the basis of valid regulatory documents for the technical requirements and test methods as well as validated intra-laboratory methods. Laboratory test methods have undergone the appropriate validation and / or verification procedures before applying them to real samples for analysis. Validation / verification procedures are performed according to validated procedures that comply with Eurachem and ILAC (G-series) requirements.

Quality Management System:

The Integrated Management System is implemented and functioning in accordance with the requirements of  ISO/IEC 17025:2017, GMP (Eudralex, vol.4) and ICH (Q-series).

The management of GLOBALTEST Testing Center declares that it and its associates are not subject to internal and external commercial, financial or other pressures that could negatively affect the quality of the work. The IC GLOBALTEST does not engage in any activity that may jeopardize the credibility of its independent assessment and its incorruptibility in terms of testing and sampling.

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