Instructions for receiving samples

Acceptance of samples for laboratory analyses

Samples for laboratory analysis may be accepted in one of the following ways: 1. Presented on-site at the reception desk of the Testing Center by the applicant or his authorised representative every working day from 9.00 to 17.30. 2. Shipped to the Testing Hall via the Courier Service; 3. To be collected at client's site by our sampler. In case you wish to be visited by our sampler, it is necessary to request it 24 hours in advance by phone (+359 700 20 661) at the reception desk of GLOBALTEST Lab.


Documentation accompanying the samples for analyses

Samples must be accompanied with the following documents: 1. Application for testing (QF 7.4-1). This application is obligatory. One application for each sample must be provided. The Application may be replaced by your own form, containing at least the information required by our application for testing; 2. Sample(s) collection document (when applicable) by the official authority; 3. Sampling document (when applicable), when the sampling is not performed by our specialist; 4. Other document(s) (optional) – letters, reports, specifications, clarifying client’s instructions for analyses; 5. Technical specifications or other technical documentation when it is applicable during the process of analyses; 6. In case you wish us to declare statements of conformity to technical documents or regulations, it is necessary to point out to which document/regulation you wish to declare the statement.


Refusal to accept sample for analyses

Test samples can not be accepted in the following cases: 1. No accompanying documents or incomplete documents; 2. Incorrect transport, handling, packaging, etc. which has violated the conditions of storage of the sample or its integrity; 3. Samples in the process of deterioration, except when this is the purpose of the test and this is specified in the accompanying document; 4. Distorted package integrity or damaged stamps or seals, when the sample is sealed by official regulation authority(ies); 5. Inability of the laboratory to perform certain tests (services, other than those specified in the website) for which no individual quotation has been agreed; 6. Unpaid previous services for which a payment document has been sent. Whatever the reason, including not stated here, the client is notified via emailng and the samples are shipped back.


Payment of services

Once your samples have been accepted by employees in the Reception Sector, they will be processed with the laboratory information system. Our employee will send a pro forma payment invoice to the email you’ve provided in the Application form. When the payment is reported in our system, you will receive the original invoice on the same e-mail. Payments for services can also be made in cash at the Laboratory Reception. If the information system did not report payment on your request, test report(s) cannot be issued.

Количества на пробите, предназначени за лабораторни изпитвани

Когато количеството на пробата за анализ е описано в нормативен документ за технически изисквания или Регламент, Закон или Наредба се взима под внимание указанието, описано там. За всички останали случаи (когато няма подписан договор) важат следните правила:

За неописаните случаи тук, можете да се консултирате с нашите специалисти на телефон 0700 20 661

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