Imperceptibly, year after year, task after task, even we haven’t notice when this happened, but here we are on the threshold of our 20 years anniversary.
The beginning seems funny now – we started in a rent underground premise (a.k.a basement) in Slavia complex center with two employees, some flasks, one calliper and two hotplates. With the help of friends and partners, who stood by us in the years, the customers have quickly learned about us; we have taken on all sorts of “weird” assignments and did not refused to cooperate with anyone.
And here we are now – in our own 4 story building, 550 sq.meters labs, equipped with hi-tech instruments, 20 highly qualified personnel in different scientific fields, flasks that cannot be counted, over 20 hotplates. Only the calliper stayed the same.

What happened so far?

We didn’t stop: We didn’t stop learning, we didn’t stop working, we didn’t stop looking, we didn’t stop laughing, we didn’t stop living, we didn’t stop in front of anything
We lost: We lost time, we lost money, we lost friends, we lost colleagues, we lost customers, we lost patience, we lost courage, we lost faith, we lost our sleep!
We kept looking: We kept looking for customers, we kept looking for samples, we kept looking for staff, we kept looking for methods of analysis, we kept looking for the right suppliers of equipment and supplies, we kept looking for our mistakes, we kept looking for our place, we kept looking for ourselves!
We have received: We have received low blows, we have received lessons, we have received knowledge, we have received recognition, we have received accreditation of 17025, we have received GMP certificates, we have received trust, we have confidence!
We have found: We have found clients, we have found partners, we have found friends, we have found an accreditation body that understands our needs, we have found like-minded people, we have found ourselves!

What are we planning for the next 20 – WE WILL NOT STOP, and you know how good we are.

Thank you for being with us!

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