Testing of lighters

Testing of lighters

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Method of testing

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Safety specifications.
Height of the flame; Flash and flutter; Extinction of the flame; Compatibility of fuel; Endurance refillable; Capacity and volume of the fuel; Resistance in free fall; Resistance at high temperatures; Internal pressure; During the combustion cycle; Long-term fire; Compressive force


Child resistant lighters.
Test whit 2 Control group 100 children from 3.5 to 4.3 years. Extended test: – Informed consents from parents; – Contracts with kindergartens; – Advanced Report and conclusions of the study with pictures and personal files of participants
BDS EN 13869


Safety specifications – Testing of lighters EN ISO 9994 – 150.00 EUR complex price for all indicators. At least 20 pcs lighters needed for the analyses. Turnaround time – 7 working days.
Child safety requirements for lighters – Testing of gas lighter according to EN 13869 – Advanced study report with pictures in accordance with all requirements of the standard – EUR 2500.00. This price is final and not negotiable. 6 equal samples for the survey needed. Turnaround time – 1 month. Documents are issued in Bulgarian and English.

Description of the survey can be found here

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