IC GLOBALTEST with a new Authorisation from Bulgarian Drug Agency

We already have a new Authorisation from BDA № V-I-24-002/27.02.2014 for testing human medicinal products We do determination of the following parameters: Quantitative determination of the active ingredient with liquid chromatography; Determination of related substances in liquid or gas chromatography; Uniformity of content of the dosage units; Determination of residual solvents by gas chromatography; Degree of dissolution by liquid chromatography or UV spectroscopy; Solubility of tablets; Determination of gastric resistance of tablets; density; viscosity; pH; Mechanical strength; Moisture content; abrasion; Weight of tablet; Average volume of filling; Uniformity of the mass of the dose of the multipacks; Identity of pigments; GC/MS identification; Shelf life of medicines Measurement of trace metals by ICP-OES; Swabs and smears from surfaces and equipment; Analysis of the purified water; Testing of packaging for medicines and food supplements. Stability Testing of New Drug Substances and Products

Our new Authorisation can be found here

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