Testing ot plastic packaging


Indicator Testing method Accreditation under

ISO/IEC 17025

Organoleptic indicators
Organoleptic testing of simulant

(Turbidity, odour, taste)

Ordinance 2/2008 (published SG, issue 2 from 2012), Annex 6 to art.20
Physicochemical indicators
Lead and cadmium migration 0032-ILM-GT
Content of lead, cadmium, mercury and chromium (6)


BDS CR 13695-1;

DIRECTIVE 94/62/EC OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 20 December 1994 on packaging and packaging waste

Total migration of monomers in food environments БДС EN 1186-3, т.3;

БДС EN 1186-9;

БДС EN 1186-1, т.4;

БДС EN 1186-14, т.3;

БДС EN 1186-14, т.4

БДС EN 1186-14, т.6;

БДС EN 1186-15, т.3;

DD CEN/TS 14234, т.4;

DD CEN/TS 14235, т.13

БДС EN 1186-2;

БДС EN 1186-4;

БДС EN 1186-5;

БДС EN 1186-6;

БДС EN 1186-7;

БДС EN 1186-8;

БДС EN 1186-10;

БДС EN 1186-11;

БДС EN 1186-12;

БДС EN 1186-13 т.4;

БДС EN 14338

Specific migration:
– Terephthalic acid БДС EN 13130-2
– Caprolactam CEN/TS 13130-16
– Formaldehyde and hexamethylenetetramine CEN/TS 13130-23
– 2,4,6-triamino-1,3,5-triazine (melamine) CEN/TS 13130-27
– 1,2-dihydroxybenzene and 1,3-dihydroxybenzene CEN/TS 13130-18
– Bisphenol A CEN/TS 13130-13
Content of vinyl chloride in materials and articles made of polyvinylchloride БДС EN ISO 6401
Content of styrene in polystyrene ISO 2561

БДС 12989

BADGE, BFDGE content БДС EN 15136
NOGE content БДС EN 15137
ε-caprolactam and ω-laurolactam in polyamides content БДС EN ISO 11337
Content of residual solvents ASTM D 1203

БДС EN 13628-1

Thermostating of samples at different temperatures in 1 food simulant


Моделни среди,

съгласно Регламент (ЕС) № 10/2011 на Комисията от 14 януари 2011  година относно материалите и предметите от пластмаси, предназначени за контакт с храни

Test media (food simulants),

according to Commission Regulation (EU) No 10/2011 of 14 January 2011 on plastic materials and articles intended to come into contact with food

Етанол 10 % (v/v)

Ethanol 10 % (v/v)

Моделен разтвор A

Food simulant A

Оцетна киселина 3 % (w/v)

Acetic acid 3 % (w/v)

Моделен разтвор B

Food simulant B

Етанол 20 % (v/v)

Ethanol 20 % (v/v)

Моделен разтвор C

Food simulant C

Етанол 50 % (v/v)

Ethanol 50 % (v/v)

Моделен разтвор D1

Food simulant D1

Растително масло

Vegetable oil

Моделен разтвор D2

Food simulant D2

Поли(2,6-дифенил-p-фенилен оксид), размер на частиците 60—80 меша, размер на порите 200 nm

poly(2,6-diphenyl-p-phenylene oxide), particle size 60-80 mesh, pore size 200 nm

Моделен разтвор E

Food simulant E



Определяне на MOSH & MOAH, POSH & PAO в опаковки чрез твърдофазна екстракция и GC-FID

Determination of MOSH, MOAH, POSH and PAO in packaging materials by solid phase extraction and GC-FID

Substance CAS No. Abbreviation Fraction
n-Undecane 1120-21-4 n-C 11 MOSH, POSH, POA
n-Tridecane 629-50-5 n-C 13
Bicyclohexyl* 92-51-3 Cycy
5α-Cholestane* 481-21-0 Cho
1-Methylnaphthalene 90-12-0 1 MN MOAH
2-Methylnaphthalene 91-57-6 2 MN
1,3,5-Tri-tert-butylbenzene** 1460-02-2 TBB
Perylene 198-55-0 PER
Pentylbenzene 538-68-1 5 B
Срок за извършване на анализа: 10 работни дни след доставка на референтни вещества с аналитично качество

Duration of the analysis: 10 working days after delivery of reference substances of analytical quality



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