Chemical Laboratories

SONY DSCTesting center GLOBALTEST has two chemical laboratories with a total area of 250 sq.m. and 2 auxiliary laboratories. The main activity in chemical laboratories is limited to conduct routine classic non-apparatuses chemical analysis methods, and the whole process of sample preparation. The equipment and the laboratory furniture are tailored to work and are completely conformed according to the requirements of Good Laboratory Practice /GLP/. All units are made with antibacterial, chemical resistant flooring, allowing excellent hygiene. A regular monitoring of temperature and humidity in the laboratories is done, the data from wich are collected and processed by an electronic control system. The rooms are equipped with laboratory fireplaces with central air, nitrogen , water and sewerage. The access in the Laboratory facilities is restricted in accordance with the Procedure MQP 503-2 “Access to laboratory facilities” and FC 503-5 “Visitor’s Declaration for protection of industrial and commercial secrecy”

Chemical laboratories apply laboratory methods for sample preparation and analysis tailored to the requirements of the European Pharmacopoeia, Bulgarian and international standards (BS, EN, ISO, prEN, ENV, ASTM, DIN, GOST, etc.), validated methods of producers or traders, acting legislation, validated internal methods and internal publications. The Laboratory chemicals, consumables and reference materials are provided by leading manufacturers, accompanied by the necessary certificates. In our practice we trust mainly chemicals and supplies branded Sigma-Aldrich through representation and FOT Ltd. company. Direct evidence of the high quality of services in the field of measurement are the high performance results of the laboratories in the Interlaboratory proficiency testing comparison. Testing center GLOBALTEST monthly proves its accuracy and competence through participation in various areas of organized inter-laboratory tests by an accredited provider. Current information about the results of the interlaboratory tests can be seen in the “News” section of our site.

vacuum-BUCHI-1Еquipment of the Chemical laboratories:

Rotary evaporator, Evaporator under nitrogen, UV- chamber, Vacuum system for solid-phase extraction, Water baths and Thermostats with shaking and stirring devices, Cooling bath (-10 degrees), Sand bath, Heating plates and Heating mantles, Magnetic stirrer with heating – different models, Orbital shaker, Ultrasonic bath, pH meters – different models, Vacuum oven, Normal dryer, Air Handling, Water distillers, Water deionizer, Centrifuge with cooling and conventional centrifuges, Vortex , Laboratory glassware, Laboratory glass apparatus, Distillation and Extraction systems, Filter systems, Automatic pipettes, Automatic burettes, Hybridization chamber, Rafraktometer, Densitometer, Pycnometers, Viscometer, Analytical scales, Technical scales, software for overall performance in tests and more.

In connection with the monitoring of safety at work, control and reducion the risk of adverse events a permanent video recording system has been installed. Warning signs for this are put as information signs on the front door.

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