Physico-mechanical laboratory

Physical-mechanical Laboratory is located on the first floor. It carries out the determination of physical and mechanical characteristics of glass containers and plastic, thermal decomposition of the samples, etc.. In the same laboratory are located AHU for thermostating the sample chambers and accelerated aging drugs. The laboratory is designed, built and equipped to fulfill all the requirements of modern standards and requirements.

Laboratory equipment :

Apparatus for determining the non-parallelism (parallel misalignment) between the bottom and the neck of the glass containers; dynamometer; Analyzer for measuring waviness of the sealing surface of glass containers; Analyst to determine deviation from the vertical axis; Apparatus for measuring resistance to internal pressure of glass containers; Analyzer for the measurement of oval throats of glass containers; Apparatus for measuring side impact resistance of glass containers; Apparatus for measuring coating thickness of the hot – titanium and tin; Refractometer Abbe principle; Ultrasonic thickness gauge for glass; Baths thermal shock and thermal resistance (with hoist to 2 tons) Optical goniometer; Muffle furnace 1100°; Destalator water and quartz bi- distiller; Apparatus for measuring resistance to vertical axial load of glassware; Micrometers clock type; Screen for viewing distortions – zebra; Technical scale 0,1 g; Technical weighing 10.0 kg; Thermometer with electronic immersion probe ( -50 to +1000 degrees +/- 0.1); Fields and hammer for impact resistance plate glass; Minerals with a hardness range from 2 to 9 on the Mohs scale; Squareness and ravnnost ceramic tile; Thermocouples 0-500 , 0-1500 with instrumentation; Thermometers 0-50, 0-100, 0-200; feeler gauge; “Ball” mill grist mill fixtures and type “muller” to digest – sample preparation; Cameras for thermostating of samples; Chamber for accelerated aging of samples , etc.

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