Microbiological Laboratory

Testing center GLOBALTEST has 2 independent microbiological laboratories built according to all modern requirements. Each one has a box, air lock and front box room. The installation applied allowes а continuous injection of clean air in the box and gateway enabling to work in over pressure. The clean rooms are equiped with Laminar boxes with cleanliness class “A”. Rooms for autoclaving and sterilization are separated, as well as room for decontamination of samples. All the rooms are equiped with self leveling, chemically resistant, antibacterial surfaces for excellent hygiene. There are refrigerators and freezers for storing microorganisms and supplies. All the rooms have electronic access control system. There is a regular monitoring of temperature and humidity in the laboratories, the data from wich are collected and processed by an electronic control system.

Tests of the submitted samples are conducted according to established International/European standards for microbiological analysis or as required by the European Pharmacopoeia. Suitable strains of microorganisms are used in the analysis of various matrices to verify the standard method, selectivity among the various methods, such as positive and negative controls in the process of ensuring the quality of the test results. The Sterility and Aseptic rules are strictly observed. The Microbiology Laboratory is in continuous limited access to all specialists working in other laboratories of TC GLOBALTEST. When working in the microbiology laboratory assistants use: laboratory clothing (disposable aprons , lab shoes, socks , gloves , masks, Bonet).

An individual sample is provided for each microbiological analysis. Samples are accepted by an Associate in the TC parlor, who performs visual inspection and verification of the integrity of the packaging , marking , any more technical violations and transport conditions, depending on the kind of sample. Samples with damaged packaging, marking and quality of closure, and samples with improper transportation or other damage that may affect the quality of the test result are not accepted for microbiological analysis. If necessary, The Quality Control Executive, together with the associate, make final decision on acceptance or refusal to analyze such samples.

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