Physico-chemical laboratory

Physical-chemical laboratory is general for carrying out the analysis of food products and supplements. The main activities are confined to the processes of sample preparation and determination of physical quantities. The laboratory is located on II floor and, as all other laboratory rooms, is designed and equipped to meet all hygienic and technological requirements in accordance with Good Laboratory Practice. Automatic system for monitoring operating parameters (temperature and humidity) using a calibrated measuring devices is used, the data from wich is stored electronically and forms.

Laboratory equipment:

Apparatus for determination of protein content by Kjeldahl; Automatic tetrator; Laboratory Grinder; Vibration machine with a set of sieves; Infrared thermometer; Hydrometer for alcohol; Hydrometer for milk; Conductometer; Gerber Centrifuge; Set of butyrometersr; Modules for ashing samples; Blender; Laboratory Mixer; pH meters; Water bath; Sand bath; Muffle furnace; Refrigerators; Heating plates; Hot Plates; Water distiller; Deionizer water; Technical scale and others.

Физикохимична лаборатория
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